1.Teach and challenge Christians to obey the command to "earnestly contend for the Faith" (Jude 3).

2. Help Christians to be prepared to defend the fundamental doctrines of the historic Christian Faith.

3. Advise Christians on how to share the true Gospel as revealed in the Holy Bible.

4 Provide materials that help the Christian body to share the "Good News" of Jesus Christ.

My name is Jerry Benson (with my wife Dianna), and I'm President of Challenge Ministries.

If you live in Southern California and would like me to share with your congregation on "How to share your Faith", I would be happy to at no charge.

I have over 25 years experience in apologetics and evangelism.

Please email me at:


We Need You!

"Fishers of Men" outreaches are held weekly in the San Diego area. Where ever people are, we're committed to go. We hand out our own "million dollar bill" do "open air preaching" and talk to people about the gospel.

We challenge Christians to share their faith regularily.

If you'd like to be involved or be placed on our weekly email list: